Best Scopes for 308 Rifle - 2021 Reviews for Long Range and Medium Range 

One of the most abundant accessories for rifles is rifle scopes. They're relatively easy to find in either brick and mortar stores, or online.

However, .308 rifles sometimes require scopes that may not always be available to you for immediate purchase, depending on where you live. Below are 12 scopes that will fit on such rifles, chosen for their quality of construction and reliability. 

You couldn't go wrong with any product from the list. Once that's done, head over to the Buyer's Guide for additional info pertaining to the scopes that are shown. The top two choices are indicated at the conclusion.

308 Scope Buyers Guide

Here are some tips that will help you find the right .308 scope for your rifle.

How to Pick the Best Product

The most important thing for you to remember when looking for a .308 scope is to ensure that it's compatible with your rifle. You can mount them on lots of different guns.

The second thing is to factor in the area where you intend to use it the most. Will your shooting occur in an open range or a deeply wooded area?

 What time of day will it be? Additionally, try to find one that has some level of protection for the lens. Eye relief is also detrimental to how well you'll be able to adapt to the scope.

Choose a scope that has a reticle that you're not going to be annoyed with seeing, and that will be easily viewed by you. And finally, consider the range in which the product is advertised.

 Of course, this may also depend on the rifle in use, but you may be able to stretch the maximum range of your weapon when mounting a scope that magnifies farther than 4x.

sniper scope


Scopes are usually made from dense materials that are difficult to break. Some of them will scratch much easier than others. There's no to know which won't scratch until you try it out for yourself, but you can minimize the chances of getting one that would.

Pay attention to what others have said about scope in question. Scopes that weigh a bit more might be less susceptible to receiving damage. Look at the placement of the turrets as well.

 Depending on how you shoot and your level of experience, they may get in your way if too large.

best 308 hunting rifle scopes

Using a .308 Scope for Hunting

If you're a hunter and plan on using a .308 scope for such events, you'll want to stick to those that offer good visibility in images. Also looking for a product that has varied levels of illumination.

 For example, some scopes will allow you to adjust the brightness with a built-in battery. Others may have features that change the color of the visuals that you see.

Your scope should help you see better in situations and times where you may not see very well, such as during the early morning.

What Is the Best Long Range Scope for 308?

In our opinion the best scope for 308 long range and medium range are: 

1. Vortex Optics Viper HS Second Focal Plane Riflescopes - Best Scope for Long Range (People's Choice)

Vortex Optics Viper HS Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

The Vortex Optics Viper HS is a riflescope that's recommended for people that require a solid reticle, or crosshairs.

There's nothing difficult about it at all. When you ready for a target, you will always spot it regardless of your level of magnification. However, some crosshairs have a tendency of getting in the way.

This one isn't too large either, offering more visual that models that block out too much from your field of view. Lenses are strong and entirely waterproof.

Although some adjustments would be better if they were loose, there's nothing frustrating about operating this scope on a .308.


  • Images that are seen through the optical are clear, even in the far corners of the scope
  • The lens if shielded with a coat that makes it scratch resistant
  • Reticle is easy to see but not too inconspicuous


  • The magnification adjustment is a bit tight, which may increase time spent before readying for a shot

2. Primary Arms FFP Rifle Scope - Best Scope for Optical Brightness


The Primary Arms FFP Rifle Scope has all the bells and whistles that one needs to make accurate shots. There's a battery inside (CR2032) tasked with controlling your brightness levels, something that could be extremely useful when shooting during twilight hours.

Shocks also won't faze the scope, whereby firing at a rapid pace will never cause harm to the lense or outer portions of the scope. And spotting won't be necessary until you reach approximately 150 yards. It is a bit on the heavy side, so you'll definitely notice it if moving away from a scope that's lighter than the FFP.


  • Contains a CR2032 battery that increases brightness in low-light environments
  • Isn't susceptible to shock damages
  • Spotting isn't a requirement for up to 150-200 yards


  • Quite heavy; adds a bit of weight to a rifle
    (approx. 2 lbs)

Best compact scope for 308

3. UTG SWAT Compact Scope - Best Scope for Quick Mounting

308 compact scope UTG 3-12X44 30mm

The UTG Swat Compact Scope is built for intermediate and seasoned weapons owners. The best attribute is how fast it can be placed on rails. There's little to it, and the assembly is straightforward. When readying for a shot, the scope will remain at zero.

 Firing more shots likely won't change it either. You can quickly locate all knobs without looking at them, yet they never get in your way. Basically, there's nothing awkward about handling the scope. The bell is a little big (the front), but nothing that a proper scope ring couldn't fix.


  • Mounts quickly on picatinny rails
  • Stays at zero, even after taking multiple shots
  • Buttons and dials are easy to locate regardless of the amount of light available
  • High temperatures and moisture don't affect the scope's performance


  • The bell is large and may require users to equip a scope ring for it to fit properly on some rifles

What's a Good Scope for 1000 Yards?

4. Athlon Optics Argos 6-24×50 FFP Rifle Scope

Athlon Optics , Argos BTR, Riflescope

This is an entry-level scope with features you only find in high end scopes. You will be thrilled with the features and performance of the Athlon Optics Argos 6-24×50 FFP Rifle Scope. The build quality is excellent with aircraft aluminum being used to give you a premium look and finish. The optics are coated so you get the best image possible.

This optic was built with novices and experts alike. The reticule even shrinks and zooms with your target so you always get the best chance of firing off an accurate shot.

The best part about this scope is it is easy to adjust and was made for people to adjust it the way they like. For what you are getting the price is excellent. If you don't have any other option but to use this as your starting scope, you can't go better than having the Athlon Optics Argos 6-24x50 FFP Rifle Scope.

You will love this scope because he can bring it in almost every environment. It is weatherproof and waterproof. You won't have to worry about where you are when you need this thing to perform. It is also highly resistant to shocks so you don't have to worry about vibrations destroying your precious optics.

The aluminum is heat-treated so you get the best possible build quality and this gives it extra strength compared to other brands.

It is also Argon gas purged to get rid of any moisture in the cube and to ensure that it is thermally stable. You won't ever complain about the performance of this rifle scope. The glass is premium quality which means you won't be missing many shots.

The general consensus of people who have bought the scope is they are accurate to around 1000 yards so this scope is a bargain for what you are paying. The features all come together to ensure you get the best possible experience and accuracy.

All in all, the features this scope has make it a great deal for everyone looking for something to start off with. It isn't a high end scope by any means, but it is something that will give you your money's worth and allow you to get the feeling of hitting targets at up to a thousand yards with no sweat.


  • Argon purged to ensure tight seal
  • Price to performance is exceptional
  • Multicoated Glass to help give you the best visibility possible.


  • It can be difficult to zero out

What Size Scope Is Best for Deer Hunting?

5. Leupold VX Freedom – Best for Deer Hunting

best 308 scope for deer hunting

The Leupold VX Freedom is the best choice for anyone that plans on hunting, specifically deer hunting. This is related to how strong the scope is in build quality. No matter where you are outdoors, the scope will not succumb to damages from the dirt and water.

Even if it were to fall on most rocks, the exterior won't chip or scratch in the area of impact.

When it comes to what you can see in low-light settings, the optics are phenomenal. Visuals will appear brighter to a degree of 5-10 minutes ahead of your actual time. And if that weren't enough, eye relief is good at every level of magnification.

The reticle is a bit thin, which could pose an issue for people with little experience with any similar scope. But overall, the VX Freedom is a solid product that's recommended for all hunters.


  • Made from a dense aluminum that won't crack or scratch
  • Brightness levels are are several minutes ahead during the early morning hours
  • Solid eye relief


  • The center of the crosshairs could be difficult to see for beginners

What Is a Good Scope for an Ar 10 308?

6. Nikon M Tactical – Best Nikon Scope for .308


The Nikon M Tactical is a scope that's great for any rifle with a .308 bullet diameter. It zeros in fast, particularly from the tactical style of the reticle. It has clarity when magnified, and very easy to adjust.

If you like to fire and target at a rapid pace, this will help you keep at it immensely. You won't see much when the scope in use under low visibility settings in the dark, so you may want to limit it to daytime use only.

Regardless, give the M Tactical a try if you want something that can get you fixed on targets fast and doesn't lose zero when actively in the process of shooting.


  • Zeroing in is easy with its tactical crosshairs
  • Good clarity in the corners of the lenses
  • Ideal for users that wish to rapid fire


  • Significantly harder to use when little light is available

7. EOTech Vudu – Best Designated Marksman Scope


The EO Tech Vudu is great for shooters that are experienced. That means you'll get the best in terms of eye relief no matter if you're zoomed in or not. Reticle visibility is spot-on and conspicuous; not too small but not too thick either.

Everything you see on the lens is clearly visible at all times. It also doesn't take long to get it mounted. The instruction manual included with the scope is easy to follow and can help make the process go away faster.

It's scratch-proof as well, although it might damage if impacted with a hard surface too hard. But this is something that could occur with virtually any scope; don't take it as grounds for avoiding the EO Tech and all of its good attributes.


  • Eye relief is good, even at the highest level of zoom
  • Crosshairs can be seen regardless of the level of light
  • Installs on most mounts quickly


  • Although scratch resistant, some marks may occur if hit hard with a solid object

8. UTG SWAT Compact Scope - Best Anti-Glare Scope

UTG 3-12X44 30mm 308 Compact Scope

The UTG Swat Compact is an all-black scope that's good for people that intend to use it during the day. It has good coverage on the front end that provides relief from glare when you're shooting in direct sunlight.

Combine this with the clear optical lens and you get a product that keeps your visuals crisp no matter what. It also includes a lens cap that protects the lens inside from getting dirty or scratched, although this would be hard to do even without it.

There are multiple colors for you to change the optics, but flipping through them is a bit tedious. If you want to find a specific one, you can only do so by sorting through them all. In any case, the UTG Swat Compact has more advantages than setbacks so consider it if you're keen on hunting on shooting at an outdoor range during the day.


  • Has shade in the front that minimizes glare in the daylight hours
  • Lens caps are included with the product to keep the glass inside from getting dirty
  • Has a parallax view as low as 10 yards


  • Difficult to sort through the 35 colors that are available

Best Scope for 308 Sniper

9. Nightforce Optics SHV - Best Scope for Solo Hunting


The Nightforce Optics SHV is a good choice is you want something that will significantly cut down the amount of time you spend spotting. If you're hunting solo, this could be a lifesaver and speed up things, making it easier for you to engage your target before it's too late. Adjusting all dials is also easy, no matter if you're looking through the scope or not.

You could have some issues if you're coming from a scope that lower in length than this one. It measures about 16 inches, so try and get some preliminary practice with it before any hunting commences. Still, there's nothing much to criticize about the SHV, and you'll really enjoy how it consistently stays at zero when used.


  • Less spotting is needed due to the level of magnification of the scope
  • Has easy adjustment configurations
  • Doesn't fall out of zero at inconvenient times


  • The length of the scope (approx. 16 inches) may take some getting used to for people upgrading from shorter versions

What Scope Do I Need for 300 Yards?

10. Primary Arms SLx8 – Best 3-Gun Scope for .308

best scope for 308 at 300yds

The Primary Arms SLx8 is the perfect 3-gun scope for .308s. If you're planning on participating in a 3-gun competition, this scope will give you great illumination quality on even weapon that it's attached to.

 It will hit targets that are medium to long-range, and the turret never gets in the way when you're ready to fire. The turrets might get a bit mushy when you're trying to clear up your image, which could affect how fast it takes you to find the target.


  • Lens caps are discreet; don't get in the way
  • Good reticle quality
  • Visuals stay clear in all ranges of magnification


  • Turrets are mushy

11. Aimpoint PRO – Best Red Dot for .308

best red dot scope for 308 rifle

Last on the list is the Aimpoint Pro, which is suggested for anyone that wants a red dot sight. Staying on your target is very easy to do, no amount of weather will interrupt or take you off your aim.

The tension knob that's located on the side is a bit large and could hit something anything that's nearby. It can get a little awkward if you've never used a sight with one as big as this.

However, you should eventually get accustomed to it. Use this red scope if you need to finger your targets quickly and require something that operable during the day or night.


  • Simple installation and mounting
  • Doesn't fog under extreme rain and humidity
  • The red dot allows users to find targets quickly


  • The tension knob is large and may brush against anything nearby


Do you have an idea of which .308 scope is best for your needs? If so, you should stick to the one that you've chosen already. But if not, know that all 12 will make an overall good buy. 

There are some which might have attributes that are better suited for particular people, events, or even competitions. Having mentioned this, the top two choices are the Nikon M-308 and Viper HS scopes shown in numbers 1 and 2.

They have outstanding built, good range, and equally great optics quality. Again, there's no wrong pick that you could make from them all; it's guaranteed that you'll be satisfied with the scope that ends up at your doorstep!

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